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Have been on my holidays again but not to Scotland this time. This year I went to Whitby on the east Yorkshire coast. I took this picture when mom took me to Robin Hoods Bay but I think it was a swizz because Robin Hood was not there at all!!

This I took when we went to Beck Hole and it really was a hole! Down a steep hill that, fortunately, I did not have to climb back up as mom did all that for me. What is it about mom and auntie Sue, they always seem to find hills and steps to walk up and down. Search me!

This was much better, but a lot of water again. A nice flat walk sandwiched between the River Esk and the railway line. I hid in mom's pocket when a huge train came along belching steam out of its funnel.



Having escaped from the Stormtrooper you can see I have been caught and throttled by Spiderman!! I got away again. I am such an escape artist that I should be renamed Houdini.

Me with a Unicorn at a recent open day. And there you were thinking they didn't exist!!!

I am a clown and I know it. Here I am helping to sell on our stand at Shirley Carnival.


Here I am promoting our very colourful Animal Key Ring Tombola at an event at Stratford-on-Avon Racecourse. It is great value as there is a prize every time you have a go.

Have been out of action for a while but now the weather is warming up a bit mom has been taking me out again. The first selfie shows me with my friend 'Ratty' at Sandwell Valley on our walk last weekend. My second shows me at the front door of my new Fairy House at Warley Woods. I painted it myself you know.

Hooray!!! I'm back in business. None too soon by the look of my latest selfie. I attended the recent MCM Comic Con at the NEC, Birmingham and here you can see me about to be zapped by a Stormtrooper. Managed to escape though.

This is me at Cruft's Dog Show at the NEC last weekend. I am promoting my 'Bug Club' and I am pleased to say that a lot of youngsters - and not so youngsters bought a bug from me.  

I really enjoyed my pancakes tonight, although I got a little carried away with the flour!! I could have eaten 16 but mom wouldn't let me. She is SUCH a killjoy.

How many Valentine cards did you get this year? Here I am with just a few of the hundreds of cards I received. I did overhear mom saying it cost her an arm and a leg again but I'm not sure what she was talking about. Will YOU be my Valentine? Pleeeeeeease!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. I watched the fireworks through the window. I'm not scared you know! Mom took me a walk to Sandwell Valley again, to welcome in the new year.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!! As you can see I've had presents again this year. No Advent Calendar this time - thank goodness, I couldn't stand those cat chocolates again. One of my presents, although mom said it was hers, was a lovely tin, specially designed for me to hide in. All cats love to hide and I'm no exception.

Here I am on Santa's Ski Slope at the LKA show at the NEC last weekend. My friends the polar bears, husky dogs and penguins all helped to look after Santa for the two days. I heard a rumour that next year there is to be a visit from Santa Claws for the dogs at the show. Don't let on that I have told you!!

Another two pictures  from the National Pet Show, where I can be seen fraternising with a stern looking Scottish Wildcat. Fortunately for me it was not a real one or you wouldn't have seen me for dust!! The other big fellow was standing guard at the entrance and I just had to drop by and say hello. He didn't seem to mind me sitting on his head.

Today mom took me to the National Pet Show at the NEC and what a grand time I had. My first selfie was with TV wildlife presenter Michaela Strachan, who kindly let me sit on top of her book. (I think mom bought a copy). Thank you Michaela! On the way home I noticed a ginger tom who was very much like me but a lot bigger and full of air. He has the same colour eyes as me but I am not sure about the pink lipstick!!! He did not say much but he also allowed me to have a selfie. So thank you to the nice lady who was looking after him.

Mom took me to a TV Studios in London. They were very nice and offered mom tea and cake. She was gassing so much that I thought she didn't want her cake, so I ate it instead. Chocolate swiss roll and it was luverly. Whilst I was there I saw a smashing picture for my Haloween selfie and you can see me here with a nice, gory shot of Dracula. Happy Haloweeeeeeeeeeennnnnn!!!

This is the closest I will ever get to my all-time hero Grumpy Cat! I love her. I try to emulate her every day but it is an uphill task. I know I'm not the right colour but I have been working on my grumpy face. What do you think?

Back from my holiday in Scotland, had a short rest and was off again. This is my selfie taken at Stonehenge last Saturday. Thank you Auntie Sue for again lending a hand. The alternative was to sit on a metal post. Not very good for my bottom!!!


Below are the first couple of selfies I took when I went on holiday to Scotland. I spent the first week at Oban and a very nice place it was too. I will post the others when I have finished them. Scroll down to see them all.


These are the first two selfies I took. I had to make sure mom was up early and you can see me calling for her to get up as I wanted to go out. The second picture is the view from my bedroom window. I was very high up, 4 floors and no lift so mom and her friends had to climb 90, yes 90 steps every time, to get back to the apartment. I heard her counting them the first time we went up. Talk about puffing and blowing. Made her very fit by the end of the week though!

I climbed into mom's pocket every morning so that I wouldn't get left behind. This is a picture of me at Dunollie Castle, which is about a mile outside Oban. Not that I did the walking, I made sure of that!!

Here I am being adventurous yet again. I did a spot of rock pooling at Oban. Didn't find anything though except a few shells. I guess everything went out with the last tide. Must have heard I was going to be there!!! A couple of days later I went rock climbing at Ganavan Sands. Not bad for a cat with no paws.

Towards the end of the first week I went on a boat trip to the islands. I visited Mull, on a coach so I couldn't get out of mom's pocket; to Staffa to see the puffins, I wasn't allowed there - nesting birds and all that - and to Iona. This pic shows me on Iona, just before we went back. The other picture is of me at sunset on the last night at Oban. I went off to Arran the next day. 

The first night on Arran I went for a walk in the 'gorse tunnel'. There was not much light on the ground so mom sat me in a gorse bush for my selfie. It was a bit spikey on my bottom! To make amends mom took me for evening meal on Cladach beach, where I dined on a crab supper, just as the sun was going down. Yuuummmmmm 

This year, the weather in Glen Sannox was a lot nicer. The sun shone and I managed to get a lot further up the glen. The next day I went to Glen Rosa and pinched mom's BLT sandwich out of her rucksack and ate it for my lunch. She wasn't half mad!!!

I had a lovely time today. Mom took me to the GEEKS Central Comic Con in West Bromwich and I never thought it would happen but I had my photo taken with, not one but two TV and film actors. Here you can see me ruling over Virginia Hey (Farscape and Mad Max) and Spencer Wilding (Guardians of the Galaxy & Game of Thrones). Although it goes against my sourpuss nature, I would like to thank them both for letting me have my selfies taken with them. You are Stars!

Yesterday I visited the Cuan Wildlife Rescue at Much Wenlock. There were lots of animals being looked after, including
swans, hedgehogs, chickens and a fox cub and badger cub.

It's been a lovely day today, so on a walk in the woods I decided to play hide and seek. It took mom ages to find me. Well it would wouldn't it. I was half way up a tree and she's only a little squirt!!! 

Phew, I have just go home from my first time at Cruft's Dog Show and how exciting it was. I launched my Sourpuss Bug Club and made a new friend in Ruby, the Dogue de Bordeaux. I also recruited my latest 2 fans, helpers Angela and Jean. There were so many dogs around, if I hadn't been sitting on the top of the stand, I would have been very scared indeed. But I knew my mom and new friends would look after me, even though they kept threatening to sell me if someone had asked! I hope I can go again next year.

Here I am navigating for mom's friend. She never knows where she is going so I have to step in on many occasions.

Me at Kittyville Cat Show winning the trophy for Best Ginger Tom, in the 'Fat Cat' category. Don't you think I look grand?

Because of all the recent skiing accidents, mom has decided not to take me abroad. So I have set up my own ski slope. This one is much safer.

Don't tell my mom but I am here at the museum looking for a new mummy!!!!

Here I am waiting outside Pinocchio's Fancy Dress shop in Cotteridge, whilst my mom was getting her wild west fancy dress costume. I am trying to be a flea in his ear!!!

I'm quite the artist you know, so I took this picture to show you how good I am. Don't know why I'm painting a tomato though - I don't even like tomatoes!

Here at the Sealife Centre I met up with Ray. I love fish. I'm having him over for tea next week. Bag of chips anyone!

Here I am helping at my local general store. I'm only practicing, so I did my stint in the lunch break.

It's too cold to go out so I'm helping mom with her jigsaw.......well, I'm sitting in the middle so she can't finish it.

Panto season is in full swing and I invite you to my impromptu version of the pantomime Sourpuss In Boots; with me in the starring role, of course.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. I have a few ideas for the coming months so stay tuned in to see what I get up to.

It’s Chriiiiiiistmaaaaaaas! (Slade) and I have had a fair amount of presents, more I think than mom had. I haven't opened them all yet but so far I have had a skateboard, a guitar, a torch, a King of Bling gold chain and a pair of skis. Hope it snows at some stage or I will have to force mom to take me to Switzerland or Austria to find some.

It's Christmas Eve and mom has at last finished my advent calendar chocolates. She had a snowman, a soldier and some holly and I am very glad to have finished the cat chocolate! As you can see I have put up my Christmas stocking. I know it is three times the size of me but I live in hopes of getting a lot of presents this year.

Week 3 and the chocolate has almost gone. There was a robin, an elf, a star, a Santa and a Christmas present - Oh, and a few more white chocolate drops. I'm going to put up my Christmas stocking in a few days in the hope that Santa will see it and bring me something more interesting than a few blobs of chocolate. I have been good all this year so you never know.  

It's week 2 now and mom has eaten more chocolate! This time it is a Christmas bauble, a robin, another snowman, an angel, a snowflake, a bell and a rabbit. Me! I'm still on the white chocolate blobs. So I decided to turn myself into the King of Christmas, complete with a crown and festive bow tie. The cats whiskers don't you think.

I am a week into my calendar and so far mom has eaten a reindeer, snowman, candy cane, Christmas pudding, candle, teddy bear and a pony. Yes, I expect she enjoyed them all very much!!! All I have had are some boring round white blobs of cat chocolate.

Tonight I have taken part in the Farm Animal Sanctuary Carol Service with all the animals in the barn. I was going to include a photo of me with Hosanna the donkey but she knocked me off the fence post and after that everything was a bit of a blur! So I am showing you the one I took of me with the sheep instead. 


I have my own Star Wars Advent calendar and I'm looking forward to eating all the chocolate. Mom says I can't have people chocolate so she will swap them for cat chocolate. I bet she will eat them all herself! I will let you know how I get on.

Me at the Birmingham International Tattoo. It was lovely. Lots of marching bands, although I have to say that I hid behind the seats when the dog flyball teams came on. Didn't like all the barking.

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat........

I'm planning to go on a jungle expedition next year, so for a run through I spent the night in a small jungle of my own. Mom said if I go to the jungle I'll be going by myself!!!

Way too wet for a cat to go to see fireworks so I did these especially for you.


Jack-o-Lantern greets you and hopes you have a Happy Halloween. Here my auntie, Hettie Vex, gives me a Halloween cuddle. I'm sure that nail varnish is what I gave her last Christmas!

Went for a haircut yesterday, or a 'hair raid' as mom calls it. Didn't know what she meant until I got there. Just because she had one didn't mean I needed one as well. I'm a bit worried about those scissors!!

I sneaked away for a day trip with my girlfriend, who I met when I went to Southport.

Who fancies a game of conkers then? I don't think I'll be able to play though because I don't have any goggles. Health & safety you know!

Took to the dizzy heights again. This time I climbed the Malvern Hills, North Hill. I was eager to get to the top but mom and her friend had to stop half way up to have their lunch so I took the opportunity to take my selfie here.

This is me advertising my website at PATS Show Telford on Monday. I had prime position at the centre of the stand - only what I deserve don't you think!

I was a real pig on Sunday. I went on a day trip to Southport and got a little bit carried away. We all eat a lot of junk when we are on holiday and not only did I eat a whole mouse for my dinner but also a huge lollipop. I have to say I felt quite sick on the coach going home.

Autumn is a-coming on so I've been out blackberry picking. I know you can't see any, that's because I ate them all, Burrrrrp!!


This is a shot of me in Sandwell Valley near West Bromwich (home of Premier League football team West Bromwich Albion - up the Baggies!!!)  My picture shows the River Tame that flows through the valley. Lots of ducks and other birds but I am too lazy to go and catch them. Besides, they are much bigger than I am.  


Had a very busy day on Friday. I helped with clearing out a garage. I am a very good supervisor. They didn't finish it so I will have to get the big stick out next week!

Here I am at a Family Fun Day near Worcester. Oh dear, what a day. Not a complete washout but very nearly. However, like many cats, I managed to stay dry, thanks to my hoodie outfit loaned from a teddy bear I know! At the same event I had a selfie with my new best friend, Megan.

I would like to tell you that I won a first and 2 seconds (including reserve Best in Show) at Rogues Place Summer fair today but I didn't, so I won't! To be truthful, I stole them from our Star Fundraiser, Weasel - well, I borrowed them for a few minutes while she was not looking. You have to have your dreams don't you?

Had a really weird day today. I spent most of it stuffed in mom's jeans pocket, only to be pulled out and introduced to an Alpaca. Whatever next. Mom took this one for a walk. Her name is Bramble. If I hadn't been sitting on the fencepost my selfie would have contained me and a hoof!!!

Sourpuss in Scotland  June 2015

I’ve been on holiday to Scotland with my mom for the last 3 years but she always left me in the apartment when she went out.This year I decided to take matters into my own paws – well, I would have if I could have but, as you can see, I don’t have any. Anyway, after a bit of creative manoeuvring I managed to jump into her rucksack and visit some of the places she went to. I do hope you like my selfies as much as I do.

Ps I know I have a bit of a grumpy face, sorry about that, it was the way I was made.


I was quite excited when we got to Ardrossan, the jump-off point to the Isle of Arran, my base for 16 days.  After 5 hours on the train I was glad to get out for a bit of fresh air. It was very calm when I crossed but there was way too much water for my liking.


The best seat in the house was on the window frame. That’s Goat Fell in the background. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I was to climb ¾ of the way up there.


The idea, when I got to Drumadoon Point, was to do a spot of rock pool filming but it was a bit difficult for me to clamber among the rocks, I might easily have fallen in. Would that have turned me into a catfish?

I’m glad I didn’t have to do the walking up Goat Fell. It was very high up when I got out of the rucksack for my photo. Phew, it’s a good job it wasn’t too hot.


This was a lovely walk in Glen Rosa, quite flat and not too many bumps in the path. I spent some time sunbathing on the bridge over the Rosa Burn. Saw an  eagle and an adder. Saw some fish too, not that I intended to get wet trying to catch them!


It was very hot at Edinburgh and it was packed with visitors and due to the length of time it took to get there, I was not there for that long. My photo was with the famous castle in the background. Thank you Sue for lending a hand.


This journey was quite a haul. Ferry, train and then ferry again but it was worth it. Rothesay on the Isle of Bute is a nice place with a pretty fountain. The seagulls were very polite. Instead of dive-bombing you as you ate your sandwiches they just stood a few feet away and waited patiently until you finished. Such good manners.


My last outing was to Glen Sannox a few days before we came home. It was a bit overcast and scary but it would have been awesome if the sun had shone a bit more. I saw lots of sheep and 3 huge horses taking visitors for a ride into the glen.




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